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History Matters

Course Description:

In this course you study a range of topics including Archaeology and History from ancient civilizations, Middle Ages and Modern times. This includes case studies of famous people, cities and inventions.

In Year 12 you produce your own history, by designing a film, graphic novel or writing a story.

What will I be doing in this course?

You will study a range of different periods in history, through the perspective of historical inquiry methods, famous individuals, change over time and modernization.

Year 11:

  • History of ideas
  • Medieval Society
  • Personality

Year 12:

  • Inventions
  • Medicine and its impact on the world or Policing
  • Film making

How will this course help me in the future?

This course will assist you in developing a range of transferrable skills, and informed citizenship. The knowledge acquired through the study of a broad social science course is relevant to everyday life, and in making informed decision as an active and effective citizen.