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Investigating Science

Course Description:

The Investigating Science Stage 6 Syllabus is designed to assist students of all abilities engage with scientific processes, and apply those processes to investigate relevant personal, community and global scientific issues.

The course is firmly focused on developing the Working Scientifically skills, as they provide a foundation for students to value investigation, solve problems, develop and communicate evidence-based arguments, and make informed decisions.

The course promotes active inquiry and explores key concepts, models and phenomena. It draws and builds on the knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes gained in Science Stage 5.

The Investigating Science course is designed to complement the study of the science disciplines by providing additional opportunities for students to investigate and develop an understanding of scientific concepts, their current and future uses, and their impacts on science and society.

What will I be doing in this course?

Year 11:

Module 1 – Cause and Effect – Observing

Module 2 – Cause and Effect – Inferences and Generalisations

Module 3 – Scientific Models

Module 4 – Theories and Laws

Ongoing – Depth Study

Year 12:

Module 5 – Scientific Investigations

Module 6 – Technologies

Module 7 – Fact or Fallacy?

Module 8 – Science and Society

Ongoing – Depth Studies

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