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Mathematics Life Skills

Course Description:

The Stage 6 Mathematics Life Skills course aligns with the rationale, aim and objectives of the Stage 6 Mathematics Standard course. The Life Skills content has been developed from the Mathematics Standard syllabus to provide opportunities for integrated delivery.

The course focuses on the development of students’ ability to apply mathematics in a variety of contexts in order to enhance and encourage their participation in post-school contexts, and to enhance students’ literacy skills and capabilities.


The Mathematics Life Skills course is comprised of five topics, with the topics divided into subtopics.

Topic: Number and modelling (Algebra)

  • Review of number properties
  • Mathematical modelling

Topic: Measurement

  • Everyday measurement
  • Measuring two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes

Topic: Financial Mathematics

  • Decimals, Percentages and Money
  • Earning Money
  • Spending Money

Topic: Statistics and Probability (Statistical analysis)

  • Statistics
  • Probability

Topic: Plans, Maps and Networks (Networks)

  • Using Plans, Maps and Networks

Pre requisites:

Life Skills courses are for students with special education needs, particularly those with an intellectual disability, who are unable to access the outcomes of the regular courses, even with adjustments to teaching, learning and assessment.

For students to be eligible to study a Life Skills course they must have completed a Life Skills course in Stage 5, and upon entering Life Skills in Stage 6, the principal is certifying that each student is eligible and the decision is the result of the school’s collaborative curriculum planning process.

How will this course help me in the future?

The teaching and learning aspects of this course are designed to develop a solid foundation of literacy and numeracy and promote the development of students’ values, identity and self-respect. This course also provides opportunities for students to develop 21st century knowledge, skills, understanding, values and attitudes.

This course is specifically targeted at students with the objective to obtain full-time employment, further education and training, and for students with a personal interest in building on their stage 5 knowledge of mathematics.